Small Business Development happens through personal growth, educational  tools, and well positioned advisers. This day is dedicated to honoring the value small business brings to our community and empowering you to tell your story and maximize your impact. To get more we have to be more.

The Tribenest Business Development Summit 2017 is designed to bring real resources to entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals. The morning session will bring a great roster of platform speakers to cover topics such as self awareness in business, capturing and communicating your true vision, and how to build a credible network that truly feeds your business. 

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Ivan Misner founder and Chairman of BNI the largest networking organization in the world. He was called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and the “Networking Guru” by Entrepreneur magazine. As a bonus Brian Hilliard who co-wrote “Networking Like a Pro with Dr. Misner, will be presenting on the tools of effective networking. 

The afternoon will feature a menu of breakout workshops to create a real take away from the the day’s activity. Attendees can choose two areas of their business they want to grow their knowledge in and have advisers to help them build the plan to growth. 

Your ticket to limitless opportunities

21apr8:00 am- 4:00 pmEvent OverBusiness Development Summit 2017

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